Thursday, September 30, 2004

Published Features Update

A Tall Man and a Tsunami | Tall Magazine
6’9” executive chef Craig Harris rides his wave of opportunity.

“He is an imposing six-foot-nine figure, and amid a homogenous crowd of beach-blondes and Spicoli look-alikes, the entrance of someone like Harris – tall with disheveled black hair, an unwieldy mustache and a triangular soul patch on his chin – draws attention like a mouthful of wasabi. Of course, that’s the game when you’re tall, isn’t it? When you stand, you stand out.”

Burger Kings | Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine
An impassioned tour of L.A.’s historic old burger joints. Available on Southwest Airlines flights nationwide in November.

“[The Cardiac Burger] arrives five inches high, on a paper plate with a fork and knife (which you’ll need unless you can unhook your jaw from your skull). It’s massive, by far the tallest and fattest burger I’ve ever seen. Sitting in the shadow it casts, I fantasize that this is how Evil Kinevil felt before he jumped over the Snake River on a motorcycle: I know it can be done, but the landing is going to hurt like hell.”


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