Saturday, September 25, 2004


You're a parent who has narrowly escaped prosecution for leaving your five-month-old daughter to die in a hot car on a hot day. You're most certainly devastated. You search for something, anything that will clear your conscience and provide some outlet for healing. What do you do?

You blame somebody else.

That's basically the story in today's LA Times. Some bonehead from Anaheim is calling for automobile and car seat manufacturers to install an alarm that sounds IF YOU FORGET YOUR KID.

I find the absence of personal responsibility in this situation to border on unfathomable. This is not the fault or the responsibility of the auto industry. This is not a safety issue. This is the fault of an idiot who, according to the Times, forgot to drop his daughter off at day care, strolled in to work and came back four hours later to find his dead baby.

Accidents happen, yes. But this is your own child.


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