Monday, March 29, 2004

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

The days of the world's worst colleague are numbered. She knows she's awful and she has intimated that she is purposely taking a dive -- missing deadlines, blowing projects, compromising the company's integrity -- so she can get fired and collect unemployment. Were she to quit, she'd get nothing. But if she plays it smart by doing everything in her power to do nothing at all, she'll be properly compensated for her efforts. Isn't that a pickle?

As The World's Greatest Wife has said, the company is being pennywise and pound foolish to keep her here a moment longer than right now. What do they have to gain? Her utter incompetence has been witnessed and documented by all who have had the displeasure of quote-working-unquote with her. Any attempt a a wrongful termination threat would be gufawed out of consideration. What are you waiting for? Can the bitch, quicklike.

I've never been around someone with less to offer. I've never seen anyone so proud to advertise her MBA and so incapable of delivering on her gum-flapping and bragadocia. Do us all a favor, peanut: go play in traffic.


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